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Tacoma's Fiesta Auto Show


September 15, 2018

first issue
MP MAGAZINE & AUTO SHOWZ Special Thanks" to the professional show judges who worked w/ us this year giving away all the custom theme trophy awards for 2017 showz - Cruizin'Together & Bombs Away Thumbs up! (Left to right) John Urbanic,Bob Jasper & Daryl... first issue first issue first issue
MP Magazine's first "BOMBSHELL" pinup contest "Special Thanks to the 2017 judges they did an excellent job!!! (Left to right) Mike, Valerie, Meleena & Claire. And thanks for taking up this new challenge with us... "Shout out to""Baltierra Photography" "Bomb Girls"and Claire MendenhallCar Care Specialist @ Griot's Garage...


first issue


Custom trophies for each showz...

first issue MP MAGAZINE & AUTO SHOWZ A shout out to all car owners that joined us at the Cruizin' Together car show & Bombs Away car show this year 2017... MonteCarlo Productionz will feature your vehicle photos on the upcoming MP magazine!The MP Magazine issue will be available @ the Griot's Garage and other locations soon!



MP MAGAZINE & AUTO SHOWZ THANKS OUR SHOW JUDGES!!! Sponsored in part by: Jasper's Custom Upholstery
Jasper Upholstery
first issue

Cruizin'tOGETHER CRUIZIN TOGETHER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~